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Global Media Forum on 27.+28. May 2019 in Bonn

GMF 2019

GMF 2019, © DW

04.02.2019 - Статья

This year’s  Global Media Forum (GMF) takes place from 27. to 28. May 2019 in Bonn.  The Global Media Forum 2019 will explore the impact of shifting power structures on the international media landscape and evaluate opportunities and challenges arising from digitalization and what influence that will have on trans-national communication.

GMF invites journalists and activists working in media-related fields (bloggers, change-makers, influencers, online-activists) to take part in the Forum. Language of the conference is English. Pre-registration on the website is open until 1st of March 2019.

If you are interested to participate and speak good English, you can send your CV (in English, also naming your current occupation) until 10th of February to info@bisc.diplo.de. The Embassy will forward promising applications to GMF and propose the candidates for the scholarship-program (if accepted, Deutsche Welle will cover travel- and registration-costs).

You can also register directly, via the GMF-website (travel-, accommodation, and registration-costs to be covered by the participant).

More information: www.dw.com/gmf and in the newsletter

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