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05.12.2017 - Статья

Statement regarding the collection and use of personal data

Each time a user accesses Federal Foreign Office internet content or calls up a file, data on this activity is temporarily stored and processed in a log file.

The tracking tool employed to analyse site use is configured to ensure that no personal data is collected.

User IP addresses are also anonymised, so that individual activity cannot be traced. The final octet of all IP addresses is replaced by zeros.

The tracking tool runs on our own servers in a secure BSI-certified network zone to ensure that no tracking data can be accessed by third parties.

If you do not want your activity on the website to be registered or analysed, you can activate the Do Not Track setting on your browser. A browser variable is transmitted which tells the website whether the user wishes their activity to be tracked or not.

    The following data is collected by the Javascript tracking tool:

    Request (file name), date and time of request

    Browser type and version (e.g. Internet Explorer 11)

    Browser language (e.g. German)

    Operating system used (e.g. Windows 7)

    Device type, model and make

    Screen resolution

    Plug-ins used (e.g. Flash, Java)

    Browser language

    Referer URL (previous page accessed by the user)

    Anonymised IP address

    Country, region and city from which the request originated



    Number of forms sent (depending on goals defined)

Accessing individual pages generates so-called transient cookies to facilitate navigation. These session cookies contain no personal data and are erased at the end of the session. Cookies are also used for the shopping cart. These cookies, too, are deleted at the end of your visit to the site.

Technology such as Java applets and activeX controls, which allows user access behaviour to be monitored, is not used.

Postal and email addresses which you supply us with in connection with enquiries or requests for information material are used solely for correspondence with you and for shipping.


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